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Older Adults Fitness Courses for Trainers

Expand your clientele by becoming a certified fitness instructor for older clients. Earn your CECs and Level IV Certification at Fitness Education Online.
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Help Older Adults Stay Fit and Healthy

Training older adults and want to incorporate more variety such as resistance training and lifting then just the basics in their sessions?

Do a Certified Older adults course for Fitness Professionals to understand the benefits of training for an older demographic, adding strength training will help increase overall muscular strength and also decrease the risk of injuries for them

But as you know training an older client is still VERY different from training a young client.

While older clients may have a few more limitations to consider when training, this is absolutely no excuse to let them just use cardio machines or stay in the machines area only⁣.

We’ll love to show you a variety of workouts you can incorporate with your senior demographic and what considerations you should be on the look out for.

Want to learn more about training seniors⁣? Earn your Certificate starting today. Sign up for our online certification courses on older adult fitness training.

Create Fitness and Exercise Programs Suitable for Older Clients

Unlike training younger clients, who need less modifications and are at less risk of injuries, older clients need a more customised approach. You have to understand where they currently are in terms of health and fitness and find out if they’re experiencing physical pains, undergoing treatment, have mobility issues, old or new injuries, restrictions, and so forth.. A lot of care has to be put into creating a fitness program that considers all these. As their coach it will be up to you to make sure their workout will be beneficial in helping reach their goals aswell as something that they also enjoy.

Our certification course for fitness trainers for older clients will teach you everything you need to know about senior health and safe exercise routines for seniors.
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Get Your CECs from Fitness Education Online

We are a recognised provider of high-quality courses for fitness professionals. Our certification courses will prepare you for the responsibility of helping older clients be fit and maintain the positive outcomes they achieved from their fitness programs.

Our courses are all available online. You will have lifetime access to the resource materials, and there’s no expiration, date, too. You may purchase the course today and start anytime in the future. After you have completed the course, we will deliver your CECs and certificate within three business days.

Learn the fundamentals of fitness training for older adults and build up your knowledge and skills. As a certified instructor, you will have more opportunities for employment as well as the credentials to organise a fitness program on your own.
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It’s all well and good to know all the different exercises BUT as a Trainer, we want to be able to program these exercises together in a fun, safe and effective way. For this reason, we provide a wide range of workouts, drills and games you can do with these two pieces of equipment in both one one and group / bootcamp settings.
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