Partner Drills for Bootcamp

Partner Drills for Bootcamp:

Hi gusy! It’s Travis here today. How are you? As you may or may not know, I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA a couple times a week at a local gym. He’s got a great set up, cage, ring, matts and gym equipment. Recently some of the top guys left to train elsewhere, which is always a bummer because of a few reasons: #1 you become like a family in these places and enjoy training and improving together and #2 you lose high quality training partners, if you’re be best in the room chances are you are going to plateau in your skills.

This brings me to an important topic today, retention. The questions is, what can you do to keep your clients returning to you week after week, month after month? I believe retention comes down to 3 things!

1: How well the trainer gets on with their participants
2: How well the participants get on with each other
3: How much fun the participants have in the session

Now the important question to ask yourself is: How can I achieve in each of these areas?

#1 – getting people to like you is a tricky topic, but it revolves around being honest, caring, listening to your clients. There is actually a book on it – which i recommend you read, How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

But, #2 and #3 are pretty easy and work well together!

One the easiest ways to get participants to get on with each other and to have fun during the session is via partner drills! If you can use the proper partner drills – participants will have fun AND get to know each other at the same time! What’s important is that you use the RIGHT drills! There’s a fine line between a drill being: silly or ineffective, which will turn people off. Or the the drill being: fun and interactive, making people laugh and still work hard!

Some of my favourite partner drills are
a) Partner Hamstring Curl
b) Partner Triceps Extension
c) Partner Bicep Curl (towel)
d) Partner Bent Over Row
e) Partner Inner / Outter Thigh

Watch this video below with some advanced partner drills:

Also remember to sing up to get our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp here.

That is it for today guys, let me know in the comments below what you think. I’ll see you soon!

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