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Part 3: Online Summit Podcast Series - with David Mifsud

February 19, 2020
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About David

A lot of PTs dream of having their own studio. David achieved that at 20-years old.

Since then he has hustled for 5 years to learn everything possible on how launch, grow and scale a studio profitably.

He still owns his studio to this day but after systemising it he spends more time coaching studio owners around the world

The keys to successfully open a studio and scale rapidly
There are more studios popping up then ever, however not all are successful.

To make a studio profitable, fun, and an incredible lifestyle business there are a few key elements you need to understand.

I share how I started my studio from scratch, systemised it to grow without me and teach studio owners around the world the same.

The overall objective of the Fitness Summit is to give Personal trainers and fitness professionals access to some of the best and most relevant presentations from international presenters. The Summit is designed to stimulate ideas and curiosities amongst trainers for where they can specialise within the industry. Each presentation provides a snapshot of the individual presenter's specialty. Many of the speakers are current Fitness Australia course presenters and Filex presenters.

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More info:

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