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Bootcamp Level 2 (11CECs)

Bootcamp Level 2 (11CECs)

The ultimate online Bootcamp CEC course that will teach you step by step how to run the #1 bootcamp in your area!

  • 100% online
  • Self paced with no time limit (you can take as long as you like to complete the course)
  • Lifetime access to all coursework (even after completion you can log back in and refresh)
  • Approx 5-10hrs of coursework
  • CECs and completion certificate delivered within 3 business days of completion
  • No video assessment required
  • Fitness Australia (11CECs)
  • Physical Activity Australia (3PDPs)
  • REPS New Zealand (7.5CPDs)


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Bootcamp Level 2 (11CECs)

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Course Outline

Credits: 11 CECs
Course Completion: 5-10hrs

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What You'll Learn

  • Why Bootcamp is your best option!
  • How to create a Bootcamp that sells!
  • How to get as many clients as you want!
  • It’s not who you know it’s who knows you!
  • How to never lose a client again!
  • The 1%ers that make all the difference!
  • Equipment to use!
  • How to create unlimited Bootcamp Workouts!
  • Make money while you sleep
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Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the course and at the end don’t believe it was good value, you will receive a 100% refund!

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It’s all well and good to know all the different exercises BUT as a Trainer, we want to be able to program these exercises together in a fun, safe and effective way. For this reason, we provide a wide range of workouts, drills and games you can do with these two pieces of equipment in both one one and group / bootcamp settings.
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