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Start a Career in Fitness by Acquiring a Cert 3 in Fitness Online!

Start a Career in Fitness by Acquiring a Cert 3 in Fitness Online!

Turn your passion for health and fitness into a profession. You can do this by taking our online certificate III in fitness course, which only takes up to 12 months to complete.

Through this course, you will be able to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to guide others through their fitness journey. What’s more is that you can choose to specialise in any of the following:

Group Exercise Instruction

Specialising in group exercise instruction provides you with the skills and knowledge that you need in helping a group of individuals with varying ages and fitness levels do a set of exercises. You will also learn how to instruct and demonstrate exercise sessions to groups of clients that have limited individual interaction.

Gym Instruction

If you decide to work as a gym instructor, you will need to learn how to provide an individually designed client assessment, provide technique correction when needed, and develop and demonstrate fitness programs. You will also be taught how to supervise a facility or service, maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of gym equipment.

Why Choose Fitness Education Online?

When you decide to take our certificate III in fitness qualification, you will not only learn about the technicalities that you need to work as a health and fitness professional. You can also enjoy the following benefits that we offer:

  • Purely online learning
  • Self-paced course
  • No time limit, giving you the opportunity to access all coursework even after completion

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Start a Career in Fitness by Acquiring a Cert 3 in Fitness Online!

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Course Details

This qualification is 100% online, self-paced, and without time limit. You can take this course as long as you like and come back to it even after acquiring your certificate 3 in fitness.

To complete this course, you need to take a total of 16 units, which comprises of 9 core units and 7 elective units. You are also required to choose a specialisation between Group Exercise Instruction, and Gym Instruction.

Course Outline

Qualification: SIS30321 Certificate III in Fitness
Course Duration: Up to 12 months

What You'll Learn

Core Units (9)

  • SISFFIT001 Provide health screening and fitness orientation
  • SISFFIT002 Recognise and apply exercise considerations for specific populations
  • SISFFIT003 Instruct fitness programs
  • SISFFIT004 Incorporate anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming
  • SISFFIT005 Provide healthy eating information
  • SISFFIT014 Instruct exercise to older clients
  • SISXCCS001 Provide quality service
  • SISXFAC001 Maintain equipment for activities
  • SISXIND001 Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments

Elective Units (7)

  • HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
  • BSBOPS403 – Apply business risk management processes
  • SISFFIT006 Conduct fitness appraisals
  • SISFFIT007 Instruct group exercise sessions
  • SISFFIT011 Instruct approved community fitness programs
  • SISFFIT013 Instruct exercise to young people ages 13 to 17 years
  • HLTAID003 Provide First Aid

* The student is required to arrange completion of HLTAID003 Provide First Aid with their own chosen external provider.

Graduate Outcomes

Upon completing the certificate 3 in fitness qualification, you will be able to apply to any of the following job roles:

  • Gym instructor
  • Group exercise instructor
  • Fitness instructor

Delivery Method

Online Learning: All of our theory learning is delivered via our online learning centre that you can log in to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The learning material includes videos, PowerPoint Presentations and Online Text Books.

Practice Sessions: The practice sessions allow you to gain the confidence of working with real clients.

Practical Assessment: The final step in the process is to complete the live Practical Assessment.

What You Will Learn

There are several learnings you can acquire when you take our certificate 3 in fitness online qualification. Some of the most exciting things you can learn about include the following:

  • Performing various activities and functions in the fitness industry
  • Providing exercise instruction for group or gym programs
  • Working independently in a controlled environment such as fitness, leisure, and community centres
  • Health screening and fitness orientation
  • Providing healthy eating information
  • Maintaining equipment for fitness activities
  • Incorporating anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming
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