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Mobility Essentials for Personal Trainers Package (21 CECs)

Mobility Essentials for Personal Trainers Package (21 CECs)

Mobility Essentials Package (21 CECs)

  • 100% online
  • Self-paced with no time limit (you can take as long as you like to complete the course)
  • Lifetime access to all coursework (even after completion you can log back in and refresh)
  • CECs and completion certificate delivered within 3 business days of completion
  • Approx 20 hrs of coursework
  • Fitness Australia / AUSactive (21CECs)
  • Physical Activity Australia (6PDPs)


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Mobility Essentials for Personal Trainers Package (21 CECs)

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Course Details

The course is 100% online, self-paced with no expiry. You can take as long as you like to complete or finish as quick as you like! Once the assessment is submitted, you will receive your completion certificate and CECs within 3 business days! You have lifetime access to all coursework. You have support the whole duration of your course, all questions are responded to within 24 hours.

Course Outline

Credits: 21 CEC's
Approx 15 to 20 hrs of coursework

Mobility Essentials Level 1 (11 CECs)

Mobility and Movement Level 1

  • The traditional understanding of how the body works lecture and practical
  • The progressive understanding of how the body works lecture and practical
  • Tensegrity, tissues, everything is connected lecture
  • 3 Major joints, the myofascial lines lecture
  • The 4 step movement screen practical

Myofascial Mobility

  • Scope of practice, properties of fascia, introduction to myofascial mobility lecture
  • Practical on mobility for superficial front line
  • Practical on mobility for superficial back line
  • Practical mobility for lateral line
  • Practical mobility for deep line
  • How we are affecting the tissues, making notes on your movement screen

Specific Mobility Sequences

  • Desk worker mobility
  • Parent sequence
  • Runners sequence
  • Contact sports sequence

Mobility and Stability

  • What are mobility and stability?
  • Strength training explored, mobility explored, are they the same, and what is ‘true strength’
  • Skeletal limitations and the tissues of our body, all influence on mobility and stability
  • Does releasing tissue improve mobility or stability
  • Compartmentalising and integrating training, not being too serious


  • Intro and what is hypermobility
  • Types of hypermobility and the anxiety link, tissues of the body
  • Ways to approach and help hypermobility


Mobility Essentials Level 2 (10CECs)

10 Step Movement Screen

  • The ‘other’ lines, introduction to the 10 step movement screen
  • Practical 10 step movement screen
  • Coaching cues for the 10 step movement screen and scope of practice, deeper understanding of the properties of fascia

Myofascial Mobility Menu

  • Functional lines
  • Arm lines
  • Spiral lines, plus relevant mobilisations for the other lines learnt previously
  • Superficial front line & Superficial back line
  • Lateral line and Deep line, coaching cues and how we’re affecting the tissues

Practical Application In Real Life

  • Real life example and what to expect and why in client cases
  • Common issues practically explained
  • A new dimension in mobility training and redefining our approach to movement, conclusions

Mobility video webinar series

  • Intro and then practical whole body myofascial mobility example session
  • Monkeybility: Hanging mobility practical demonstrations with appropriate equipment, plus hanging success stories
  • Tight Hamstrings
  • Tight Hip Flexors
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