Acquire Your Certificates III and IV in Fitness Online!

Acquire Your Certificates III and IV in Fitness Online!

Course Outline

Begin a career in fitness education by obtaining the certificates necessary to call yourself a personal trainer. At Fitness Education Online, we provide you with the option to take a complete fitness package, which contains the modules for both certificates 3 and 4 in fitness. This program will allow you to become a personal trainer without spending as much money as you would if you studied for cert 3 and 4 in fitness separately.


Certificate III in Fitness

For the first part of this program, you will acquire the entry-level qualification that you would need to enter the fitness industry. The certificate III in fitness course will help you obtain all the skills and knowledge that you need to start a career as a fitness coach, group fitness instructor, or fitness professional. Completing this part of the package will take you up to 12 months.

Certificate IV in Fitness

After completing your certificate III in fitness qualification, you can proceed on studying certificate IV in fitness. This course will allow you to improve your fitness skills and knowledge so that you can start working as a personal trainer and offer effective one-on-one training sessions to your clients. You can complete this course in up to 12 months.

Why You Should Take the Complete Fitness Package

Taking our certificates 3 and 4 in fitness package will help you save money. Instead of taking two separate programs, you will only have to pay for one to obtain both qualifications. Aside from that, you will get to enjoy the following benefits when you choose our complete fitness package:

  • 100% online learning
  • Study at your own pace, without any time limit
  • Obtain lifetime access to the learning materials
  • Gain access to monthly webinars and bootcamp level 1 and level 2

Acquire Your Certificates III and IV in Fitness Online!

Course Outline

Package Consists of Two Courses:

SIS30315 – Certificate III in Fitness

SIS40215 – Certificate IV in Fitness

Duration: Up to 24 months

Course Details

Our complete fitness package provides you with the opportunity to acquire both certificates III and IV in fitness online.Once you enrol in our program, you will gain access to a set of useful learning materials that you can use to further your career in fitness. You will have lifetime access to the provided learning materials, so you can come back to them even after completing the qualifications.

Money back guarantee

If you complete the course and at the end don’t believe it was good value… You will receive a 100% refund!

For enquiries please contact Claudia on +61 450 123 838.

Delivery Method

Online Learning: All our theory learning is delivered via our online learning centre that you can log in to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The learning material includes videos, PowerPoint Presentations, and Online Text Books.

Practice Sessions: The practice sessions allow you to gain the confidence of working with real clients.

Practical Assessment: The final step in the process is to complete the live Practical Assessment.

What You Will Learn

Taking our complete fitness package will allow you to obtain all the skills and knowledge that a personal trainer needs to have. Here are some of the primary competencies you will learn once you enrol in our program:


  • Providing health screening and fitness orientation
  • Recognising and applying exercise considerations for specific groups of individuals
  • Instructing fitness programs
  • Providing healthy eating information
  • Instructing older clients on how to exercise
  • Maintaining equipment for activities
  • Conducting fitness appraisals
  • Incorporating anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming