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Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Personal Trainers (4CECs)

Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Personal Trainers (4CECs)

Become a certified fitness instructor for expecting and new mothers.

The physiological changes that women experience during pregnancy and after pregnancy are important considerations for their programming and training with you.

As a fitness professional, you must know which exercises are safe for pre/postnatal women.

Enroll in our Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certification Course and gain CECs you need to be qualified and insured as a fitness instructor for pre and post natal women

This online course was developed in collaboration with world-class fitness and women’s health experts. You will gain in-depth knowledge about the anatomical changes pregnant women experience and their unique needs. You will also learn how to modify exercise routines to suit your client’s individual needs and create fitness programs that help them build strength during their pregnancy and regain their fitness after birth.

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Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Personal Trainers (4CECs)

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Course Outline

Credits: 4 CECs

Package Consist

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Risk and Clearance
Everything you need to know to ensure you stay within your scope of practice and always look professional!

As an added bonus – you will receive examples of exercise clearance and Par Q’s that you can download and edit for your clients!

Module 2: Pregnancy
We dive into each trimester and what is happening and which hormones play key roles and their impacts.

Also included are practical exercises and case studies of 3 women starting an exercise program in each trimester.

Module 3: Pelvic Floor Plus
What is the true meaning of core? … and most importantly, how do we teach this to our clients? We have you covered!

We also look at the broad spectrum of pelvic floor dysfunction and how you can easily include pelvic floor exercises, both in isolation and in conjunction with movement. Also when and where to refer. Get this right and you will be the sought-after trainer!

Module 4: Common Women’s Health Conditions
There are some very common women’s health conditions that you need to understand and importantly, how it will impact on your exercise programming.

These include:

  • PCOS
  • Endomentriosis
  • Breast and Ovarian cancer
  • Hysterectomy

Module 5: Fourth Trimester / Post Natal
This module goes into a detailed account of how to assess your client for DRAM (abdominal separation that can happen during the later stages of pregnancy) and how it will impact on your exercise programming and when and where to refer.

Module 6: Empathy Training
How do we connect with someone when we do not have shared lived experience? Chances are you are going to come into contact with a client who has experienced:

  • birth loss/miscarriage
  • prolapse or other pelvic floor dysfunction
  • loss or change of identity / postnatal depression

This module will develop your empathetic skills of listening, and knowing what to say, even when we do have personal experience to draw on.


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