Rehab Trainer Online (6CECs)

6 CECs

In this course you will learn how to fix your clients low risk, niggling movement problems, from the comfort of your own home, studio or clinic, anytime.

  • 100% online
  • CECs and completion certificate delivered within 3 business days of completion
  • No time limit plus lifetime access to all coursework
  • 100% Money back guarantee


Rehab Trainer Online (6CECs)


Course Outline

Credits: 6 CECs

Course Details

Keep clients on their fitness plans with less injury frustration!

You can easily help your injured clients without becoming a Physiotherapist or Medical Professional. Yet if you are an Injury Specialist, this method for assessing and treating movement dysfunction will give you the bigger picture view that you have been looking for.

The key is the incredible R+E+H+A+B skill-set. It keeps you safe from making mistakes with injured areas, and yet gives you powerful tools to make a difference!

Money back guarantee

If you complete the course and at the end don’t believe it was good value… You will receive a 100% refund!
For enquiries please contact Claudia on +61 450 123 838.

What you will get

  • Included in the price are 3 powerful rehab tools + postage and handling. The tools are: (Posture Pro by Lockeroom, Rehab Dowel, 1.5m length Theraband)
  • Many practical, easily downloadable videos showing you how to use the Posture Pro, Rehab Dowel, and Theraband for correcting the Five Muscle Imbalances
  • Three quick Screening tests that may indicate an injury is High Risk
  • Hours of practical Videos at your own pace or with colleagues, showing you how to use the Posture Pro, Rehab Dowel, and Theraband for correcting the Five Muscle Imbalances
  • Help on how to blend new movements into Functional Movement patterns and lifestyle changes
  • Full color Completion Certificate download once you have completed the short Multichoice Assessment
  • 6 Fitness Australia CECs
thumb_02_60_60Emma says…


I just want to say thank you so much for your amazing stuff. It’s already revolutionised my business and reignited my passion for PT!

thumb_01_60_60Scott says…


10/10! I was not looking for someone to tell me to just do something. I found the personal touches like calling clients prior and after session to be very useful.

thumb_03_60_60Andrea says…


Informative and easy to navigate, the course was helpful in all aspects of helping to improve my business. I will be doing more courses with you