Reduce pain, prevent injury and promote

Rehab Specialists play an important role in the recovery of individuals who get physical injuries from sports, training or accidents. 

Clients who have been unable to move for a long time are at risk of muscle atrophy and experiencing chronic pain if they are not prescribed appropriate exercises.

Individuals can benefit from a Rehab certified trainer. Rehabilitation exercises are not only for people who are recovering from an injury but can be used for injury mitigation.

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Why Take Training Courses for Rehab and Injury Prevention?

If you’re a fitness trainer you can have different things you specialise in and one of them may be a rehabilitation trainer. With personal education and experience with injuries you can specialise to a particular demographic that feel more confident training with you. If you gain certification for rehab training you can back up your knowledge with a qualification that shows you are a expert in the field of training around injuries and how to properly rehab a individual 

Become the trainer people in your community will approach first when they need someone with expertise in physical rehabilitation programs and injury-prevention training. Qualifications can help you be recognised as the go to trainer.

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Already busy with full-time work or schoolwork, but still interested in earning CECs for rehab and injury training? Fitness Education Online can help. We offer courses for practising fitness professionals who want to earn CECs and build up their skills without being bound to a strict timeline. When you buy this course, you’ll have lifetime access to it and have the freedom to start and complete at your leisure. No time constraints, no video assessment necessary. You can learn at your own pace and receive your certificate and CECs within three business days of completing the course.

Certification in suspension training will benefit fitness instructors whose clients are serious about staying fit. They will only remain with trainers who can match their drive and, more importantly, provide them with workouts that are exciting, fun and utterly satisfying.

Be the trainer who attracts and retains clients. Learn how to incorporate suspension training into your clients’ exercise programs.

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