How to Run a Successful Bootcamp

How to Run a Successful Bootcamp!

Hi guys! It’s Travis here Today. How was your weekend? Mine was AWESOME, the team and I are very exited for this week as we’re flying to FITEX in New Zealand and we’re exited to connect with other trainers and learn a few new things. I personally love constantly learning new things for my business. For example, earlier this month Jono went to a Stuart Zadel seminar. He’s a “property guru” and his strength is his mindset. With his mindset, he’s going to be successful at whatever he does, I strongly recommend checking him out if you haven’t! One principle he teaches which I love is “fun”. He said the MOST important thing you do at this seminar is HAVE FUN. Just like anything in life, the more you enjoy something the better you’ll become at it! The better you become at something, the more money you’ll make. So if your goal is to grow your business, do whatever you can to make it more fun.

It’s the same thing for Bootcamp participants. The more fun they have at the sessions, the more likely they’ll be to come to the next session. So, our goal as Bootcamp Instructors is to make our sessions fun for us (the Trainer) and also the CLIENT!

A couple easy ways to ensure your clients are having fun at Bootcamp:
a) Encourage community: I recommend getting to every session early and kicking back with your bootcampers. Banter with them and encourage banter amongst them.

b) Add games: I recommend playing a Fitness Game at every session. Something that gets participants interacting more, having fun and getting to know each other. Games is a great way to get your participants interacting and also warming up.

c) Add partner work: I recommend having at least one exercise a partner based exercise, even if it’s just a partner stretch at the end of the session. It has to be something that will get two people interacting and having fun.

d) Add in “excursions”: once a month or every couple of weeks, do something social such as going outrigger canoe-ing, rock climbing, stand up paddleboarding, pole dancing, fun running, obstacle course-ing, breakfasts, dinners! Things that people find FUN.

This is a big part of running a successful Bootcamp so, if you’d like to grow your bootcampp, Check out our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp.

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