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Special Population Fitness Courses for Instructors

Being a personal trainer or instructor who needs to cater for client’s individual needs can be challenging, learn how to train client’s in the special population such as pre/post natal women, people with chronic injuries/health conditions and the older adult demographic.
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    Certification Courses for Special Populations

    Working with a variety of different individuals you’ll notice no one has precisely the same fitness needs, but in most cases, it’s possible to give them a similar fitness workout when they have similar health conditions and goals. People with unique medical conditions, such as musculoskeletal disorders or previous injuries that haven’t been rehabbed properly can’t have the same treatment. They will risk injuring themselves again and not be able to workout because of the pain if they are forced to exercise the way everyone else does. It explains the need for certified fitness instructors who specialise in training special groups (people with chronic ailments or musculoskeletal complications).

    Take our online certification courses for special population training. You can earn your CECs points and become certified to offer fitness training to people with unique health conditions.

    Help Specialised Population Clients

    Becoming a specialist for certain populations is an advantage as a fitness professional. It gives you an edge over other trainers who do not have the same knowledge or credentials in this area. You can accept clients with musculoskeletal disorders; old injuries that have affected their mobility; and health conditions that are currently affecting their ability to move and perform day-to-day activities.

    You can help these clients still train but have individual programming for them. For some, fitness training helps them build muscle strength and experience improvements in their mobility. If you can fill these needs, you may tap into this market and help improve the quality of life for your clients.
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    Get Your CECs from Fitness Education Online

    Whether your goal is to offer a new service and gain extra income or fulfil your advocacy to help people with mobility problems, Fitness Education Online is the course provider to call. We provide top-tier training and learning opportunities for fitness professionals in Australia and NZ. Organisations like FitRec, Fitness Australia, and Physical Activity Australia all recognise our special population certification courses. Completing this certification course will give you credits and credentials that are recognised outside the country.

    Increase your employability and income opportunities by getting certified as a special population fitness trainer. Qualify for specialised positions in gyms and fitness centres that want to target this particular market. If you work as a freelancer, you may also offer your services as a private instructor specialising in individuals with limited mobility due to muscle, joint, and bone disorders.
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    It’s all well and good to know all the different exercises BUT as a Trainer, we want to be able to program these exercises together in a fun, safe and effective way. For this reason, we provide a wide range of workouts, drills and games you can do with these two pieces of equipment in both one one and group / bootcamp settings.
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