How to Start a Bootcamp with Close to No Equipment

How to Start a Bootcamp with Close to No Equipment:

Hi guys! It’s Travis here today. How are you? I hear this all the time: “I want to start up a bootcamp… BUT… I need to save up hundreds of dollars to buy equipment… AND I need to a buy a new car / trailer… before I think about starting one…”

I have this conversation with trainers all the time and I’m super against this… I believe a Trainer can run a MEAN equipment based bootcamp while taking up hardly any space in the car and costing little to no $$!

If I was to start again… This would be my original kit
– 6 x suspension trainers ($20 each)
– 6 x resistance bands ($8 each)
– 6 x skipping ropes ($2 each)
– 1 x agility ladder: which can hold 6 ppl ($20)
Total = $200

AND… with that kit… you could run a circuit for 24 people (6 people on each station)… and if you added in a bodyweight station you could hold 30people!

ALSO… with that kit… you can literally fit every bit of equipment in a backpack and it weighs nothing! You don’t need to worry about making multiple trips from car… spending 20mins packing / unpacking your car… weighing down your car… All you need is one backpack!

FINALLY… with that kit… there is ENDLESS variety…. with each bit of equipment – there is no limit of exercises and drills you can use!

Jono and I actually took a video in the community Facebook Group recently explaining this. Have a look below:

Also remember to sing up to get our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp here.

That is it for today guys, let me know in the comments below what you think. I’ll see you soon!


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