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Our TRX Suspension training courses teach instructors how to use the  Suspension trainer, a piece of equipment that is not only portable to your sessions but can target every muscle group in the body. This course will show you how to properly set up a Suspension and use it in any setting whether you’re client is a beginner or more advanced. This Suspension training course will educate you on how to coach and cue but also perform a variety of exercises.

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 Want to Add More Variety to Your Sessions?

The TRX suspension trainer was invented to meet the rigorous training requirements of Navy Seals. Today, it’s become popular in gyms and bootcamps to create variety in sessions and let client’s use their body weight as resistance.

TRX Suspension training is for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced client. As the trainer, it will be up to you to determine your clients’ skill levels and decide if they are ready for workouts at higher levels of difficulty. More importantly, you’ll be responsible for your clients’ safety during their workout with you. This is why you must learn how to use the suspension trainer correctly to avoid any form of injury.

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Sign up for our suspension training certification course so that you can become the go-to fitness trainer in your community for suspension workouts. Any gym or instructor with enough capital can buy a TRX suspension trainer, but only the ones with certifications can offer exercise classes to the public. Once you’ve earned enough CECs, you can then expand your business and give functional training and mobility programs for athletes, for example.

Certification in suspension training will benefit fitness instructors whose clients are serious about staying fit. They will only remain with trainers who can match their drive and, more importantly, provide them with workouts that are exciting, fun and utterly satisfying.

Be the trainer who attracts and retains clients. Learn how to incorporate suspension training into your clients’ exercise programs.

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