Suspension Core Workouts for Bootcamp

Suspension Core:

Hi guys! Happy Friday! It’s Jono here today. We have talked so much in the past about the different advantages of using suspension trainers for Boocamp or PT sessions. Not only they are light, portable, and versatile, but also super challenging if you know what workout to do with them.

One of the things I love about TRXs or suspension training are the planking options. Now, we all know that planking is great for your core strength but we do have to admit that it can get a bit boring not only for the participants but also for the trainer.

As a participant myself, I get super bored doing it for any longer than about 30 seconds and same as a trainer. If I’m getting people to hold a plank any longer than 30 seconds, I just yell out clich’s to try to fill the space and keep them motivated, but it’s very boring.

Now, with the suspension trainers, there are so many different options that can make this simple but effective core workout be fun, different and challenging. We’ve put together a whole heap of different planking options on the TRX just for you.

Obviously, these are a little bit more advanced exercises so they’re not for everyone but that’s okay. If you’re doing it in a Bootcamp, just tell your participants that these are advanced exercises. If they’re not ready yet, they can do an easier option. For example, you can just let them hold a plank.

Now they’re just a couple of examples for different workouts. I recommend if you’re running Bootcamps and you’ve got suspension trainers, I recommend you use them and incorporate them into your sessions because you have a whole bank of workouts you can use with them.

If you don’t have a lot of workouts, don’t despair!!! We’ve got a course on suspension essentials for personal trainers and how to use them for Bootcamps. This course is approved by Fitness Australia with CECs points towards your accreditation and further development as a personal trainer. Click here to find more.


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