Sweat Bands for Kettlebells

 Sweat Bands for Kettlebells!

Written by Jono Petrohilos (aka the Goat) from Fitness Education Online

Today, I want to share a cool Kettlebell tip with you… It’s so simple and it can make a huge difference for your clients – especially if they are just starting off using Kettlebells!

A common complain you may hear from clients when using Kettlebells for exercises like rack squats, rack lunges, single arm shoulder press and cleans is that the Kettlebell “hurst their wrist”.

Now really… If you’ve been training with Kettlebells for a while and you’ve got a bit of muscle around your forearm you may think the client is just ‘winging’… 

But here’s the thing… If someone hasn’t used a Kettlebell before and hasn’t conditioned their forearms – a Kettlebell is going to feel cold, hard, heavy and uncomfortable… and that can turn the client off using Kettlebells before they’ve started! 

So what’s the solution… Check out the video below! 

It’s simply using a “sweat band”! You know those things Tennis players like to wear? I used to always wear them as a kid! I never played tennis… But I was a Greek Australian kid in the 90s… So Mark Phillippoussis was my idol… Along with Peter Andre and Mimo from Acropolis now…

Now obviously as the clients technique gets better and they become more conditioned – they are not going to need the sweat band… and in fact it’s probably better they don’t use it – to help tidy up their technique… But starting off – it could be the difference between a client enjoying Kettlebells and getting more into them… Or getting turned off and never using them again!

So if you have a client complaining of forearm pain during their Kettlebell Training, you can recommend they purchase some sweat bands ($5 from eBay) or you may even keep a pair or two in your gym bag and pull it out if needs be… Or better yet, if you have a client complaining of forearm pain while using Kettlebells – buy them a sweat band as a present – it’s only $5 for you – and your clients won’t forget it!

PS: If you’re currently using Kettlebells in your Bootcamp / Personal Training business and you’d like to up skill yourself – we have a range of Kettlebell CEC Courses at Fitness Education Online – check them out here


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