The Static and Move Workout

I really enjoy sessions that mix up everything for the member, chucking in strength, cardio and endurance.  Doing this in a way that moves the member from one to the other in the same session is much more enjoyable for them rather than 20 mins of strength, 20 mins of abs, 20 mins of cardio etc.  So, this session involves loads of different body movements and exercises that are sure to give a full body workout.

THE STATIC & MOVE WORKOUT (approx. 20 mins per round)

Equipment: pair of light dumbbells, light barbell/weight plate, Kettlebell, mat

The set up involves splitting your group into pairs, person A starts in the static exercise station position and person B will be doing the move section.  Timer starts for 60 seconds and each person completes their exercise for that time. Then with no rest they switch and do 60 seconds.  Then each pair changes position with another pair and the process repeats until everyone has completed all the stations.

Start with 5 cones spaced out down one side and another cone approx. 10 meters away from them.  The ‘static’ person stays on one cone while the ‘move’ person completes their exercise to the cone and back as many times as they can in 60 seconds.

I use the following pairs of exercises;



Squat hold

Lunge walk with arm raise

DB Front raise into side raise

Bear crawl

BB kneeling triceps extension

Broad jumps and drop

KB Goblet squat into overhead press

Lateral Run


Waddle walk


3 rounds of this is a killer workout so it may be slightly shorter than some but it definitely packs a punch!


  • Although it seems quite ‘kit heavy’ if you think you only need 1 or 2 of each piece of equipment its not as bad as it looks.  If you are struggling for equipment then be creative and use the surrounding furniture such as hills and benches.  Also, can be just as effective with bodyweight exercises.
  • I’ve given the example for 10 people but can easily be increased, you just need enough exercises in the ‘static’ section for half your group.
  • As each station is separate and is completed after each other, if there are odd numbers in the group then you can choose to join in to make the final pair or just have one person run it on their own.  Although I would choose an experienced member for this as they won’t have the team motivation to help them through.
THE STATIC & MOVE WORKOUT (approx. 20 mins per round)

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