The “Word of Mouth” Funnel

Word of Mouth prospects are the easiest sales you’ll make…


Its hard to scale…

Especially If your whole strategy strategy is just to do to a good job and hope that people hear about you…

I mean its one way to do it… but it’s a little slow..

If you want to speed it up a bit… you can use my “Word of Mouth” funnel…

Which you’ve probably seen me do over the last week or so…

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I’ll share the full ecosystem so that it makes sense…

A ) Use FB Ads to build your free FB Group (like I have with FEO)
B ) Make a post to your organic audience with an offer (in my case – done for you FB Ads)
C ) A small % will take you up on the offer
D ) Get those people amazing results
E ) Check in and see how the person is going
F ) When the person tells you how amazing the results they are getting are… ask that person to share their results on your FB Group
G ) You’ll get a heap of people DM you or comment asking you for more info on your program
H ) Ask these these people to join program that gets amazing results

Repeat the funnel… get this new people amazing results… get them to post their results in the FB group… and get new clients from the their post…

It’s an endless flow…

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And these are the easiest sales you’ll get… because firstly these people have come to you… and secondly it’s not YOU posting about your services… it’s someone else posting about you which is WAY more powerful!

And if you haven’t seen any of these testimonials… Keep an eye out tomorrow… I’ve got one planned for then (Thankyou in advance Matt) 

Note: the key to this whole system is having an audience… if you don’t have an audience – no one is going to see the testimonial posts…

And if you don’t have an audience yet… the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get one is via FB Ads!

I have literally never seen leads this cheap before in my life !!!

And if you’d like me to run your FB Ads…

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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Fitness Education Online is one of the leading providers in the world when it comes to delivering online education to Fitness Professionals, providing over 30 registered CEC courses.

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