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Themed Workouts

September 15, 2021
5 minute read

When you have your clients showing up to your sessions day in and day out, it should be pretty clear that they are getting something out of it that is of benefit to them.

They either love your style of training, you as a trainer/friend, their team mates or maybe the location etc. whatever their reason is, there must be a certain level of enjoyment.

A great way to keep the enjoyment factor high, is every now and again throwing in a themed workout to break away from routine, make the session more fun and encourage engagement and a different level of participation.

You can come up with any theme you like depending on what appeals to you, or you could ask one of your participants for their ideas!

One of the easiest ways to come up with a themed session and to really get into the spirit of the season is to program them around holidays such as Christmas, Australia Day (or your countries celebration). 

What is key when programming a themed workout is making sure you promote it well to get as much participation as possible! Send out a text to your members and post in your Facebook group around a week before letting them know you have a super cool themed workout planned and ask them to dress up aligned with your theme.

In any themed workout, music is huge! A lot of the music we tend to use can sound very similar, so mixing it up with Australian artists only for an Australia Day workout will feel totally different and add a whole different feel to the workout.

And the last thing to consider is the exercises used to align with your theme. Halloween for example, try to choose exercises that sound scary….booo – urpee’s anyone?

Below, we would like to share with you some of our favourite holiday themed workouts! Please feel free to deliver them just as they are, or of course make them your own by adding or taking away equipment.


Have your participants dress up in Aussie theme ie. green and gold, their favorite aussie celebrity….whatever means Australian to them.

Take the time to create an amazing Aussie playlist, if you search Australian on Spotify you will be blown away by the amount of great Aussie tunes that come up…….”I come from a land down under”….Classic!……are you in the mood yet?!

The Workout – 


A- lternating lunges

U- neven push ups

S- huttle runs

T- ricep push ups

R- everse lunges

A- lternating single leg bridge

L- ong jumps

I- nch worms

A- bdominal side plank rotations

To finish the block 10 burpees followed by a shuttle run

Repeat the whole block x 3


As with the Australia day workout, have your participants dress up in some spooky gear and create a killer playlist….Spotify has a brilliant selection.

The Workout – 










This finisher always gets a laugh, and is an awesome way to empty the tank at the end of class.

There are 3 exercises that will be performed during the Ghostbusters song, star jumps, burpees…or boo-erpees 😉 and squats jumps.

How it works –  when the music starts, everyone performs start jumps, when they hear the word “ghostbusters” they stop and do 1 burpee and then resume with the star jumps, and when they hear “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” they perform 3 squat jumps before once again resuming their star jumps.


Again, have your participants dress up in something Christmas’y and play Christmas music.

We have used the 12 cones workout and have labelled it the “12 days of christmas workout”. “On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….1 burpee, 2 pushups” …’re welcome 😉

The workout –

Perform these exercises back to back with no rest.

50 skips

50 skips + 1 shuttle run

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg)

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups + 6 squat jumps

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups + 6 squat jumps + 7 shoulder taps (each shoulder)

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups + 6 squat jumps + 7 shoulder taps (each shoulder) + 8 star jumps

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups + 6 squat jumps + 7 shoulder taps (each shoulder) + 8 star jumps + 9 mountain climber (each leg)

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups + 6 squat jumps + 7 shoulder taps (each shoulder) + 8 star jumps + 9 mountain climber (each leg) + 10 TRX rows

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups + 6 squat jumps + 7 shoulder taps (each shoulder) + 8 star jumps + 9 mountain climber (each leg) + 10 TRX rows + 11 TRX push ups

50 skips + 1 shuttle run + 2 burpees + 3 lunges (each leg) + 4 v sits + 5 pushups + 6 squat jumps + 7 shoulder taps (each shoulder) + 8 star jumps + 9 mountain climber (each leg) + 10 TRX rows + 11 TRX push ups + 12 KB swings


An old school yard classic game to warm up your participants, all you’ll need is some cones as markers and a big bag of mini easter eggs.

This game can be played with either small or large groups. If you only have 2 or 3 participants, they will have their own cone (or nest) and if you have 4 or more participants, divide them into teams.

ROB THE NEST – Set up a perimeter with your cones and divide your participants between them. Place easter eggs in the middle of the perimeter with enough space for them to shuttle run into the middle to collect one egg at a time and return it to their cone (or nest), before sprinting into the middle to collect another egg, continue for 1 minute. At the end of the minute, whichever person or team has the most eggs wins, the loser/losers complete 5 burpees.

Next round, the participants are to steal from each other’s nest, again only taking 1 egg at a time. This can go on forever! So pick a time that is sufficient to warm them up and get a giggle!


A great theme to get your crew fired up for one of the best holidays of the year!

With any themed day, make sure you give your participants a week’s notice to encourage them to dress up in something of Australian or New Zealand theme. Let them know you have a great Aussie or Kiwi music playlist and a very ANZAC workout ready for them!

The workout –

25 (for 25th of April) MINUTE AMRAP 

A – alternate walking lunges x 25 m

N – arrow squats x 25 

Z – ig zag shuttle runs x 25 m

A – lternating side lunges x 25

C – rawls (bear or crab) x 25 m

D – ead bugs x 25

A – lternating single leg hip thrusts x 25

Y – YES pushups x 25 ………..Why yes pushups? Well, we couldn’t come up with an exercise that started with Y……So we say YES to pushups!

Please let us know if you try these! And if you have any of your own, please share them with us.


Want more MORE workout ideas for your Bootcamp? Click here

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About The Author: Loren Bakker
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