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Tony Robbins Does This...

September 17, 2017
2 minute read

Hi guys! It's Jono here today. How was your weekend? Mine was awesome... I went to a Tony Robbins event (Unleash The Power Within) and it was awesome! I had some HUGE take always about life and business - one that really hit home with me was:

"these days - you can't use lack of resources for an excuse not to do something... the only excuse you can use is your lack resourcefulness to find the resources".
I really believe that, and I want to use "Bootcamps" as an example! I'm big on "eBooks"... i believe every trainer should have numerous eBooks they give their clients on joining (e.g. "Basic Nutrition Guidelines eBook", "Clean Eating Recipe eBook", "Smoothie and Shake eBook", "Home Workout eBook", "Booty Workout eBook" etc etc... So they get more value from being one of your clients as opposed to just the training sessions.

The "response" I usually get from trainers when I tell them this is "I don't have the money to create an eBook" or "I don't have the time to create the content for an eBook"... and I find this interesting - because these days you can literally just spend a couple hours getting the content together yourself and then jump online and pay someone $10-$20 to format it for you and someone else $10-$20 to create an eBook cover for you! So if you're resourceful enough - for a couple hours work and $20-$40 you can have an eBook that you give to ALL your clients - forever! And if all it ever leads to is ONE extra client (paying $50 per week) - you've made your money back in one week!

And if you're even more resourceful - there's a way you can get a eBook for even cheaper ($1) and spend pretty much ZERO time putting together the content...

In our Fitness Education Online VIP program this week - we're doing the recipe challenge! Basically everyone who wants too posts a healthy recipe... Brenda will then collate all these recipe's into an eBook (unbranded) and give it to everyone that participated - so you can then give it away that eBook to your clients as a freebie!

So you could spend a couple hours putting together a heap of recipes and then pay someone $20-$40 on fiverr to make it into an eBook...


You could register for our VIP program (which is on special today for $1) and get one WITHOUT spending the couple hours putting one together yourself 🙂

Check out VIP membership program here. Use the code brenda when you sign up to get your discount.

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