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Fun Games for your Bootcamp Xmas Party!

Hi guys! It’s Brenda here today. As I wait to hear the results for the same sex marriage vote here in Australia, tears stream down my face and then the vote was finally announced: It’s a YES! It’s such a great moment for Australia and for love. I’m over the moon!

Anyways, today I’d like to continue talking about the xmas party for your Bootcamp. Once you organise the date and the venue, the next thing you need to do is to tackle an important part of it: what to do during the celebration and what activities to bring to the table to make it fun and memorable.

One of the activities you can do is get give some end of the year fun awards. You have to ask your participants to vote for some categories via Facebook private message, text message or you can use the free option of Survey Monkey, then you have to print out the winner’s names in a certificate you can get from Word and you hand them out at the party, sort of like an award ceremony over dinner. It’s a lot of fun and it get’s the participants to laugh and get to know each other better.

Some category suggestions:
1: Most likely to end up in prison
2: Always running late for training
3: Hardest trainer
4: Miss congeniality
5: Most likely to run for President

Another game idea I’d like to share with you is people Bingo. You hand out some boards with instructions such as ‘find someone who was born in another country’ and participants need to fill them out with other participants’ names. If you get 5 people in a row in your board, you have to say BINGO to win! It’s a lot of fun and it encourages people to communicate and interact with each other.

We’re talking about this in detail today in the VIP membership. We’ll give you some other ideas and all the materials for you to print straight away and take it to your Xmas party.

Also, upon registration you will our free and unbranded copy of the Clean Eating Recipe eBook and the Booty Baster Home program ebook and workout videos to give to your clients. It could be the perfect Christmas gift for your participants to enjoy over the Holidays.

Challenge continues TODAY. You still have time to register, so don’t miss out!

To register – just click here to access Fitness Education VIP Membership.
Note: register today and use ‘brenda’ as your coupon code and you’ll get your first month for $1 (cancel anytime)

Now, I would love to hear from you. What other games would you play at your Xmas party? Let me know if the comments below.


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