Weekly Membership Fee vs. Pay As You Go

I used to be hardcore on the #weeklymembership team… but then I was speaking to a trainer the other day… and they said.. 

“Jono… I’m not doing weekly membership because my clients don’t like it… they prefer pay as you go incase something comes up and they can’t make the session”… 

And I thought… I know what… they’re actually right… 

I’m going away this weekend and won’t be sleeping at my place… so I’m going to ring my landlord and tell them not to charge me rent for that weekend… coz I’m not using their place… 

I’ve also got an investment property that was un tenanted for a couple weeks last month so I’ll tell the bank not to charge my mortgage for those weeks… coz I didn’t use the place… 

And I didn’t use my phone yesterday… so I’ll also call Vodafone and ask them to take a few dollars off my Bill… 

And if I ever have kids and send them to private school… I’ll make sure I ask the school not to charge me on the days my kids are sick and don’t come to school… coz they’re not using the schools services… 

See where I’m coming from here? 

Of course it works better for your clients… but welcome to the real world clients !!! 

Now… I get it if fitness is more of a hobby… or a thing on the side for you or a thing you do for fun… that’s totally cool – it may work better for you to do pay as you go and that’s totally fine – keep doing it… I’m not referring to you in this post… 

But… if you’re serious about growing your fitness business…

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You got to charge a weekly fee… 

And “maybe” you could grow a successful fitness business by doing pay as you go… I mean it’s not impossible… but it’s just going to be way longer, harder, more effort, more work and cost you more money than if you just charged a weekly fee! 

And here’s the other reason why I don’t believe in charging per session… 

If you’re a decent trainer – you’re doing things OUTSIDE of the session for your clients… 

You’re probably texting them outside of sessions to see how their feeling, you’re probably giving little tips in your closed Facebook Group, you’re probably organizing social activities every now and then – that should be all part of your fee… 

Your clients AREN’T paying you $30 for 3 sessions a week… 

Your clients ARE paying you $30 for you to be their coach! 

… And the 3 sessions a week are just ONE component of you being their coach! 

If you need any help transitioning from pay as you go to weekly membership fee – I’ve just put together a little mini course that shows you exactly how to do that! 

Contact us and will put it all together for you. 


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