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What do do when clients stop coming to Bootcamp

November 24, 2017
2 minute read

Hi guys! It's Travis here today. It's freaking HOT in Sydney at the moment. No joke, today was extremely hot. I ran my bootcamp this morning and I had my lowest numbers all year. I've been getting 20-30 girls at every session so far, but this morning I had 10.

This happens whether it's summer or winter, and even though a few people MAY be turned off by the weather, to be honest, I find that about this time (Week 5), the numbers start to drop off regardless. And that is why it's important to bring in strategies to keep everyone motivated. In my opinion, bring a Friend week is one of the best!

The first thing to consider about bring a friend week is: "when". I ALWAYS do my Bring a Friend in Week 6 for a few reasons:

a) Numbers start to drop off around this time so, this will give people a reason to come to training.

b) As the numbers have started to drop off I can sneak "friends" in there without the sessions having a huge amount of people (e.g. if on average 5 less people are attending my sessions and if 5 friends come along, it doesn't "swell" my numbers).

c) I run a 6 Week Challenge in Weeks 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. So, ideally all the "friends" enjoy their Bring a Friend Week 6 and want to join. They don't want to wait another 6 weeks to join if I set up a "special 6 week challenge for them".

Bring a friend week is great to counteract the drop off and keeps my numbers constant throughout the whole 12 weeks!

This is a big part of running a successful Bootcamp so, if you'd like to grow your bootcamp, Check out our 5 Tips to Grow your Bootcamp.

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