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Why Corporate?

August 25, 2020
2 minute read

When it comes to the corporate sector often then need us more then they realise. It is our job to help
them see our value, our skills and out point of difference. Once we have communicated that we are
halfway there to getting the gig. A gig mind you, that if you play your cards right will be very much
worth the effort.

If you're passionate about health and fitness it doesn't matter where you deploy that passion, it will
shine through and people will see it and want to be part of it so long as you allow that passion to
show itself it. Deploy the skills you've learned from the fitness education online course working with
corporates and your passion and these skills will set you up for a long career working with business is
making a difference to people's lives and living a very happy life.

Branch Out = Growth

If you are looking for growth in your business a corporate offer can be great for revenue growth
and your ability to be seen as a broader differentiated practitioner compared to the rest.

Leverage Knowledge

You already know a lot why not take that knowledge to a wider audience one that can seriously
benefit from implementing some of the things you share. Having both a positive impact on the
individuals in that business but also the business itself from a financial point of view from a human
resources point of view and from a community point of view.

Point of difference

If you don't already have the resources, once you've completed the Fitness Education Online course
you'll certainly have the tools to get going combined with your existing knowledge you will be set up
to market yourself and show your point of difference as a fitness expert being able to work with the
corporate sector and really make a difference to a company or three!!!

Menu your skills

It's a great opportunity to start thinking about the skill sets that you have in your toolbox and start
laying them out in a menu format in which corporates can select or deselect certain options which
will make up the package and contract that they decide upon, once they give you the thumbs up. This
is a great way of thinking about the value that sits within your existing business and how it can be
leveraged to a wider audience essentially making this one huge group training session.

Outsource other skills

Having identified these skills there may be gaps in your offering that could be filled by other health
professionals that you could take on board as part of your team. By taking these people on as
contractors for a particular company or duration, you can leverage their skills by including them in
the package and charging them out at a different rate to the one you are paying them, a perfect
example of leverage at work.
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Summing up

Working with businesses can be highly rewarding, you get to make a double impact. You not only
helped the people in that business but you help that business financially. You leave behind good
stories healthier people and happier business owners.

If you want these strategies laid out for you in an easy to follow way, I have created a course on Working with Corporates in the Fitness Industry (10CECs).

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About The Author: Richard Ellis

He has a track record for profit improvement and an ability to think on his feet, with corporate and franchise establishment experience.

Rich, following his strong passion to help others improve their health and well-being, has moved into the health and fitness industry.

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