Why People Pay Me the $$$ as a Personal Trainer

Pricing is always a sticky subject for fitness professionals… 

We want to charge what we are worth… but we don’t want to charge too much because “we’re not sure if people will pay that”… 

And there’s a few things going on there… 

But the simplified version is this… If you charge what you’re worth… you’re right most people WON’T pay it…


You’re not going to train most people anyway… 

Let’s use a 1 on 1 Personal Trainer as an example. 

At any one time a 1 on 1 Personal Trainer can probably only have 20 clients max! 

Let’s say this Personal Trainer is working at a home studio and have 600 prospect / potential clients in their network. 

Out of the 600 potential clients

  • 300 of them wouldn’t pay for a PT session no matter what… even if it was free
  • 200 of them would pay $50 for a PT session
  • 80 of them would pay $80 for a PT session
  • 20 of them would pay $100 a PT session 
  • Sale!

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What should the Personal Trainer do? 

Charge $50 so that more people can afford their services? Even though the Personal Trainer can only train 20 out of the 200 anyway? 


Should they charge $100 and just find the 20 people that can afford and value their services? 

If the Personal Trainer can only train 20 people either way… it almost sounds silly to pick the first option right? Why would you choose to make half the revenue for the same amount of work? Just to make yourself affordable for the people who you can’t train anyway? 

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying every Personal Trainer should start charging $100 a session… Or that you should make yourself unaffordable for most people… I have obviously used a simplified example above… there’s quite a few other factors at play (which I’ll address in another post)! 

The point of this post is just to give you some food for thought around pricing and having to be “affordable” for everyone… 


I’ve just put together a little mini course that shows you exactly how to do that!

Contact us and will put it all together for you.

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Fitness Education Online is one of the leading providers in the world when it comes to delivering online education to Fitness Professionals, providing over 30 registered CEC courses.

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