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Fitness Education Online offers the most cost-effective, convenient and up-to-date CEC courses on women’s health in Australia.
Fitness Education Online - Personal Trainer CEC Courses Online5.0 Based on 279 reviews fromKatie BockKatie Bock ★★★★★ The course was well set up to be able to work at your own pace and choose sections that work in for the time I had. Great range of experience and knowledge to be able to see which areas I would like to delve into more.Garth AinsworthGarth Ainsworth ★★★★★ Training Clients with Upperbody Injuries-The course was great. 👍🏼Information was useful & well paced. The ability to download notes alongside videos was really helpful & made it easier to work through content.And examination process was fair & reasonable.I enjoyed that I was easily able to undertake the course easily as I'm relatively time-poor, & the self paced delivery really worked for me.I've already got the Training Clients with Lower Body Injuries course ready to go next.Thanks again.Danielle MephamDanielle Mepham ★★★★★ I am a personal trainer, who has been in the fitness industry for almost four years (1 year as a self employed PT). I have just finished the Online Essentials course which was my third short course with Fitness Education Online. By far it was my favourite! I liked the recommendations given throughout to help sort through the overwhelming amount of information for trying to move online. It has given me a few strong starting ideas and places. Although the information I found of greatest benefit and my favourite part of this course was hearing from other leading trainers and business people who have successfully made the transition to online coaching and branched out even further. The sky really is your limit when you dare to dream big. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to grow their knowledge, business or to one day transition to online coaching. Thanks to the team at FEO for putting together such an insightful course 👏Ross McNeillRoss McNeill ★★★★★ Just completed the Training Older Adults Level 1 course. With 25 year industry experience I’m not the only one getting older! My clients are too any I thought this would be a useful up-skilling course in this area.Easy to access content, mixture between theory and practical, and fantastic that it can be done at your own pace. I’m already looking forward to the level 2 !Julie PhillipsJulie Phillips ★★★★★ After spending many years as a PT, I find fitting in time to continue study has been difficult. Since arriving in Brisbane from the UK and settling up my own business this has been even more so.However finding Fitness Education Online has been great. I have been able to set aside a little time in my week, to complete my initial course with them 'Training special population'. It has been pretty simple to go back each time and complete a couple of hours study, put it away and begin again, whenever the time allows. This has been such a great way for me to learn but not feel under pressure of time frames. I would highly recommend this course for all and CPD, especially for those with limited time in their busy schedules.👍Cheryl JutasiCheryl Jutasi ★★★★★ I have been in the fitness industry for almost 40 years .l found the seniors course to be one of the best l have done over the years and would highly recommend anyone in the industry to have alook at what they offer . l searched courses through google and came across Fitness Education check it out you, won't be disappointed.Cheryl ClintonCheryl Clinton ★★★★★ I've just completed Cert 3 in Fitness. I've enjoyed being able to work at my own pace and have a variety of options for assessments. I would recommend using FEO for anyone that needs flexible study opportunities!Lisa JonesLisa Jones ★★★★★ I have recently completed the Cert III in Fitness through FEO and am based in the ACT. I advocate this organisation to anyone that wants to work in the industry or increase their knowledge in all things fitness! The library of resources and support from the friendly team of experts is second to none, I highly recommend!Chris KalligasChris Kalligas ★★★★★ I’ve been in the fitness industry well over 25 years and I am based in the Ryde area as a gym manager . I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend this to my colleagues.Very informative, with great supportive links and attachments.anita cummingsanita cummings ★★★★★ Training Speacil Populations 1 & 2 , definitely informative course , very comprehensive information. Highly recommended whever you are new to the industry or wishing to update your qualifications .Jayde UptonJayde Upton ★★★★★ I completed Cert III and Cert IV with FEO. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and experience of the trainers as well as easy to understand content. I highly recommend completing Cert III and Cert IV with FEO to anyone looking at getting into the fitness industry or anyone who has a passion for fitness and would just like knowledge on the basic mechanics, body systems, nutrition etc!After completing the certifications, I completed FEO’s training women’s package which was awesome for both male and female coaches/instructors and have me some insight into how I should be training and considering life changes of women from all ages.I have continued my study with completing my Level 1 Australian strength and Conditioning Accreditation in which I would not have known about if it wasn’t for FEO.The level of support and communication has been amazing.I am now coaching CrossFit, weightlifting and Group Fitness classes.Honestly FEO is the best training provider I have come across in all my years of studying. Could not be more grateful!!✌️Rachael ChaddertonRachael Chadderton ★★★★★ Hey there - Have just completed the Training Menopausal and Peri Menopausal Women course. Thoroughly enjoyed this course and now feel amped to help my clients and pass on all my new found knowledge. I recommend anyone working with clients over 40 should look at doing this course. I am currently a PT working at Baycity Gym in Napier and excited to start sharing my knowledge. Rachael Chadderton.So Fyt - Sofya KuglerSo Fyt - Sofya Kugler ★★★★★ Just finished my Suspension Training Module for Personal Trainers and loved it. I've been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years in Melbourne and was happily surprised to have learnt some new exercises to do with my PT clients. I highly recommend this course for any PT wanting some new ideas to use with either their one on one sessions or with small groups.Dawn RossDawn Ross ★★★★★ As a group fitness instructor of a range of ages the Perimenpause and Menopause Training appealed to me. As well as the course being easy to follow I was pleased i had no time constraints and my 1 enquiry through the course was replied promptly.I'd recommend this to women that like to be educated in their train ing in this age bracketSophie WilliamsSophie Williams ★★★★★ I just completed the course Menstrual Cycle Essentials: How to train women around their monthly cycle. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, I loved that it was at my own pace and was packed with important information. I also loved how Mish (the lecturer) gave scenarios and questions at the end on how to bring this topic up with clients and how to respond to their answer which was so so helpful. I would definitely recommend this to every personal trainer or fitness instructor females AND males as this information is so so important to help women during menstruation. Even if it’s for you’re clients it’s so interesting to know for yourself as a female trainer or even as a male trainer for females in your life!JeanetteJeanette ★★★★★ I’m currently studying my Cert 3/4 with Fitness Education Online! No wonder they keep being nominated for and winning awards! Their drive to help students is incredible, not to mention the content! Thank you so much for all that you do!Karina BaldacchinoKarina Baldacchino ★★★★★ I’m currently studying my Certificate III and IV with FEO Academy. I recently attended the weekend practical intensive and loved it! It was great to be able to knock over a bunch of the pracitcal tasks in one hit at one time at the one place- it saved me MONTHS of work! Along with that I got to network with other students currently taking the online course!And the best part… You get assessed in person on the day - so I didn’t need to record, download or upload any videos… If you’re studying online and struggling to get through the practical tasks - I strongly recommend it!Ash CampbellAsh Campbell ★★★★★ I have just obtained my cert 3 in fitness with FEO. They have been sensational. After 26 years as an teacher/principal in goverment education I needed something new. FEO provided that and I now feel like I am 21 again. They were so supportive and inspiring and I can't recommend them highly enough!Sang Hee ParkSang Hee Park ★★★★★ I have completed my Certificate III with FEO academy this week. It took about 3-4months while working full time. With the online course, Very flexible and Sean, my assessor swiftly replied back to my email asking silly questions.Sarah WeirSarah Weir ★★★★★ The topics that were presented were not only informative but interesting and very relevant .Tessa DaviesTessa Davies ★★★★★ I've been in the fitness industry for over 10 years.Recently under took the course - Adaptive Training: training clients with disabilitiesThis course is great for anyone who would love to help those with disabilities and understand their particular needs.I've worked with clients with special needs for the majority of my career and still found this course relative.AdriansheltonAdrianshelton ★★★★★ Hi, my name is Adrian Shelton and I am based over in Narre Warren, Victoria.I have been a qualified Personal Fitness Instructor since 2002 and have done over 25 short courses since then to acquire PDPs/CECs for my ongoing employment and education.(The courses were with FitNation, OnFit and the like.)Out of all of them, Fitness Education Online has provided me with the best possible value, both in terms of pricing and education.I just recently completed "4 Steps to a Successful Bootcamp, Levels 1 and 2" and found them to well worth the purchase.Level 1 covered the marketing side of things (an area of which I am badly lacking) and it has provided me with many ways to market my services; some of the promotional methods I would never have thought of on my own.The same thing applies to Level 2, which covers the practical side of running the actual sessions.The courses are well organized; concise, with no filler and full of valuable information based upon the collective experiences of both Jono and Travis, both of whom have spent close to 20 years in the field.I would highly recommend these courses to anyone pursuing a successful Bootcamp / Outdoors Group Fitness venture.The same applies to the rest of their courses. I have purchased over 20 of them in the last few years (I buy them when are on special) and they have always shown themselves to be worth the purchase price.All the best, Adrian.Tyrell and Sarah FynnTyrell and Sarah Fynn ★★★★★ zoe parkerzoe parker ★★★★★ Because of the quality and depth of knowledge in the courses I completed , I now have NDIS clients whom I love training. I’m a qualified personal trainer and completed level 1 and 2 training special population courses. This has enabled me to reach a wider variety of clients both training them in their own home or in gym settingMarina PorokhMarina Porokh ★★★★★ I did the Resistance band training with FEO.Very helpful for bring something fresh and interesting to Bootcamp or circuit classes.Highly recommend to all PTs and group fitness instructors.From the Shire with 💪Viv GranViv Gran ★★★★★ Very well planned and executed, easy to understand and learnJo MénardJo Ménard ★★★★★ I’ve been working in fitness for nearly a decade and loved this course! I just completed the amazing Mish Wrights Menstrual Cycle Essentials & learnt so much! It was super informative, provided so many resources and really didn’t shy away from any topics (which is such a rarity). Would absolutely recommend to anyone starting out, looking to better understand their bodies, or who train anyone with a uterus!!Mark BintMark Bint ★★★★★ Based in Melbourne here and have been working in the industry since 2018. COVID really changed the landscape and direction of my business. Post lockdown I realised that my client base had evolved was now predominantly older adults. So I took training older adults level one and two courses to upskill and increase knowledge.I strongly recommend this for anyone who works with or is thinking about working with an aging client group. This course blended theory with some examples from real life practical sessions. The practical workout demonstrations are a great way to inspire your client workout plans.I would also like to mention this course is great for learning about common health issues that can occur in general population as well as older adults.Thanks again.Kathy BalsonKathy Balson ★★★★★ I completed the Training pre and post menopausal women course with Mish.It was great! Her approach was one of empathy and connection with clients, really listening to their own individual stories and needs.Mish is incredibly knowledgeable!Ive been in the industry for over 20 years in the Sydney and Blue Mountains areas.I would really recommend this course!Tammie RaffertyTammie Rafferty ★★★★★ I'm Tammie! 46yrs young, Personal trainer and fitness instructor, originally from Manchester in the UK and now living happily in Brisbane, QueenslandI've been in the fitness industry for over half my life timeI've just completed the Nutrition Summit: What FitPro's Need To Know About Nutrition course! It was a really great course where we were introduced to many different professionals who delved into their area of expertise and shared lots of really interesting information.Thanks Fitness Education Online for another great course :-)Philippe SobratyPhilippe Sobraty ★★★★★ Hi everyoneI'm a registered exercise professional based in Canberra and I've been in the fitness industry for seven years now. I've just completed the Myofascial Essentials for Personal Trainers online course through FEO. I would strongly recommend this course for all personal and group trainers out there. John Folley really presents his subject well spending time on every necessary detail.Of particular interest for me were his explanations on the Biotensegrity system, the explanation of fascia as a tensional system, training against and through gravity, the Institute of Motion 4Q model and finally, his programming model with variables we can manipulate as trainers.Randa HijaziRanda Hijazi ★★★★★ Great course information.Brodie CallananBrodie Callanan ★★★★★ Mobility Level 1 Course with John PollyHighly recommend this course for anyone who is new or experienced in the fitness industry and looking to build on their knowledge of mobility and accurate movement screening. John goes into great detail and creates an interactive course which allows you to better understand the mechanics behind his teachings and how they can be applied to everyday scenarios and a variety of clientele.Kerrie BroekKerrie Broek ★★★★★ Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my experience with Fitness Education online.I've been in the Fitness Industry for 32 years working in Victoria and Qld. Currently back in Victoria. I've just completed the Chair One course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that there was no pressure to complete it at a certain time was a bonus. The content was easy to follow and the videos were great. Working with seniors is my speciality so this course has given me inspiration. I would highly recommend anyone who would like to or does work with Seniors or people with a disability to do this course.Well done Fitness Ed Online.Pia LivasPia Livas ★★★★★ Rhonda CollinsRhonda Collins ★★★★★ My name is Rhonda, I am based in Brisbane and have been a group fitness instructor for over 34 years. I just completed Trng older adults levels 1 & 2. I really enjoyed the ease of doing the course, the level of expertise and professionalism of the presenters and the continued access to learning tools. I would recommend this course to anyone contemplating on a career working with older adults and to discover how intellectually and financially rewarding this demograhic are to work with.Maz FrenchMaz French ★★★★★ Yolanda RavelliYolanda Ravelli ★★★★★ Recently completed Training menopausal and perimenopausal women with Michelle Wright.It was amazing! Very informative in all aspects from definition, symptoms, effects on women’s body and lots and lots of examples of how to train women in this age group.Online delivery was perfect for me as I am a pilates instructor (working 5years in the industry but 18years experience with pilates) on the Central Coast/Lake Macquarie area of NSW so could complete the course during shifts at the studio.Women’s health is an area that is a passion of mine with further study in movement around period cycles, and pre and post natal clients. So this course was perfect and with most of my clients being women or older women it has complimented my training.Clients were loving the little info insights I would share during sessions.Karen DunstanKaren Dunstan ★★★★★ I have worked at Curves for nearly 10 years. I did the myofascial essential course. I would recommend it to anyone in the fitness industry. It opened my eyes up to understanding how to train more effectivelyJoel KirksJoel Kirks ★★★★★ I have been working as a PT for 17 years in Melbourne, and are regularly upskilling to give the best to my clients.I recently completed the Menstrual Cycle Essentials and found it very informative and applicable to my client base.The information was thorough but also presented in a way which was engaging.I highly recommend it as a way of improving training plans for female clients.Lindy kiazimLindy kiazim ★★★★★ Completed the Training menopausal and peri menopausal women course which I thought was excellent. It really helped close a very large gap in what I thought I knew and the information I wasn’t from the GP fraternity. I found it both beneficial for my own personal journey and now feel a lot more confident in having conversations with clients around this topic. Lots of practical tips and tools to take away and use immediately. Recommend this to all fitness professionals.Lilian MolesworthLilian Molesworth ★★★★★ I’m based in NSW. I worked in the fitness industry 15y. I did Training older adults course recently to get more CEC’s for my AUSacitive registration . Course was very easily explained , didn’t take me long at all to complete all course . I would recommend that course to everybody if you need to get your CEC quickly updated that’s the course to do it or your interest is to train older adults . I did it for both reasons .emily gemily g ★★★★★ Based in Bendigo and working as a PT. Have been in the industry for 10+ years.I took the Training Menopausal and Peri-Menopausal Women as the diversity of women I train is closer to this age bracket.I found that the videos were easy to watch and understand. Having a mix of 'watch and read' was really good.I would recommend this course to anyone that would like a little more understanding of this stage in a women's life/training.Charmaine McGregorCharmaine McGregor ★★★★★ I'm from Sunshine Coast Queensland and recently completed Cert 3 in fitness with the FEO Academy.The best part about completing my qualification with FEO so far was I could do it in my time while working full time.I'm 44 and have always been into fitness whether in a gym or with a group fitness team, deciding to take the plunge with FEO was the best step towards an additional career or your main career, I'm glad I did.If your a person sitting on the fence like I was, I 100% recommended jumping on board with FEO, it's a simple platform to use whether you like to read or watch visuals when learning.Don't sit back anymore, just make that jump you won't regret it!Robert JakovichRobert Jakovich ★★★★★ I am the owner/operator of Fitness Is Fun Personal Training Studio in Victoria, which I established in June 1999. My wife and I run the Studio together as full-time trainers and we have a vast array of clients from many different walks of life ranging from the age of 15 through to 88 years of age. My wife was the one that let me know about Fitness Education Online as she was very impressed with the course she had done with them which was the Battleropes Essentials. I have done the Battleropes Essentials course and the Powerbag Essentials course and have thoroughly enjoyed the format and content of both of them. They have been extremely informative and educational and I have learnt new things that I am now able to do with equipment that I have been using for years. I would recommend both these courses to people that want to start using this equipment or are already using this equipment as one thing I have learnt in our industry is that by improving our knowledge as personal trainers we enjoy our job more and our clients get a better experience. Keep up the great work team.Katie MedlarKatie Medlar ★★★★★ Thanks so much FEO!I have been a PT since 2000 and one of my passions is improving my learning to facilitate positive effective change in my clients.I have done several courses with FEO the most recent being “Training Female Clients”.This is a must for all PT’s who are training women! YES THAT IS YOU! The course included an incredible line up of professional speakers, all passionate about advocating women’s health and creating change in particular to open up discussions on women’s health that we should all be talking about!Thanks to all involved in this fab course!Susan RaubenheimerSusan Raubenheimer ★★★★★ I have been in the industry for well over 23+ years and am currently based in Perth, WA. Having recently completed the Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women course, I highly recommend all trainer/fitness instructors should take this course. It is an online course that is set up into manageable parts making it easy to complete over a couple of days when you have an hour or so to study. Mish, the presenter, explains a very complicated topic and makes what could be an awkward conversation with clients, very easy to understand and teaches you what you need to know and how you approach the subject. She is very interesting to listen to as she shares her wealth of knowledge with you. There are so many clients who are within this period of their lives and educating them will improve the quality of their everyday lives and as a trainer, you will be able to better prepare the younger generation and hopefully reduce the effects that life throws at us woman!Kelli Holtham-FeliniKelli Holtham-Felini ★★★★★ I live in rural western Victoria I’ve been in the fitness industry for close to 20 years.Being a little bit remote I rely on online training to upskill or just stay in the loop and of course to keep current with my aus active registration.I have just completed a course with Fitness Education online“training principles of Fat Loss”I cannot rate this course highly enough. The content was amazing and presented so well … I had many “Penny drop” moments … Still learning at 56. Thanks for offering a course with such great content. Kellimay fakhrmay fakhr ★★★★★ Hi my name is mayIv been training people for 15 yearsI’m based in western Sydney ,Wanted to get more trainingso I did the courses levels 1&2 training older adults courseI loved the course gave me great insight into training older adultsLoved the fact that I could do it on my time and not have to finish it off quicklyDue to the lack of time I have I mostly did in the eveningI recommend anyone to do it if you’re just starting out or being doing training for a whileThanksHolly Adu-KissiHolly Adu-Kissi ★★★★★ Thrilled that I've just finished out my Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness with FEO Academy. I highly recommend FEO. The whole team was critical in the journey and I left with not only vast amounts of knowledge, but a solid network with the FEO team and community.The course is great if you want to focus and finish fast- and/or even if while doing other work. I did the courses on the side and had challenges balancing with a full time job and a family - as my first priorities. FEO did EVERYTHING to ensure I had access to trainers, mentors, materials, and practial workshops to keep me on track and get me through the course quickly and with ease.I appreciate and love the community they created and it will be my go-to source when I have questions as I start in the industry.I've thought about becoming a trainer for years and couldn't commit to a non-online program. FEO fully helped me realise a long-term dream.js_loader
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Offer the Best Female Fitness Training

The majority of Personal Clients are women and the majority of Group Fitness Participants are also women. So, it makes sense that as Fitness Professional you have a good understanding of how to train women and the differences between training men and training women.

Along with the general anatomical and physiological differences between men and women, chances are a large percentage of women you train will become pregnant or have recently been pregnant. When a woman is pregnant or post natal there are a wide array of potential risks so extra care needs to be taken. As a fitness professional, It is essential you know these risks and precautions so that you can appropriately train this clientele.

AUSactive (formerly known as Fitness Australia) recommends that a fitness professional DO NOT train any pregnant or post natal woman unless the professional has completed a CEC course on the topic. Along with that many insurance companies won’t cover a Personal Trainer to train a pregnant/post natal woman unless the Personal Trainer has completed a CEC course on the topic.

At Fitness Education Online we have a wide array of courses on how to train women which include:
Fitness Education Online AU - Women Training 2
Pregnant Woman in Sports Bra Raising Hands

Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Fitness Professionals: Level 1 (4CECs): Mish Wright

What you’ll learn:
• Considerations & contrabands for each trimester
• Change of posture, base of support, and related issues
• Hormonal and endocrine changes
• Poor/Slow C-section Wound Healing
• Changes in the respiratory system, core temperature, and energy balance
• Post natal depression, stress, and cortisol

Pregnant & Post Natal Training for Fitness Professionals: Level 2 (6CECs): Mish Wright

What you’ll learn:

  • Risk and Clearance
  • Pregnancy
  • Pelvic Floor Plus
  • Common Women’s Health Conditions
  • Fourth Trimester / Post Natal
  • Empathy Training

Training Aged Women 50+ (8CECs): Mish Wright

What you’ll learn:

  • Training Women Aged 50+
  • Menopause
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions
  • Health Considerations
  • Practical Applications
  • The Positives of Menopause

Virtual Summit: What Fitness Professionals Need to Know About Training Women: Level 1 (10CECs): Multi Speakers (Jen Dugard, Nardia Norman, Mish Wight, Thea Baker)

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the menstrual cycle and what red flags you need to be aware of
  • Why her 6 Week check up is not enough and what you should be asking
  • How to safely train women aged 50+
  • The 10 questions you need to ask all your female clients
  • Panel Discussion
  • Workout Ideas

Pelvic Floor Essentials for Fitness Professionals (10CECs): Kirstyn Campbell

What you’ll learn:

  • Pelvic Floor Incontinence and Prolapse 101
  • What Fitness Professionals need to know ABOUT their mum’s to safely train/ coach them
  • Exercise programming with pelvic floors 101
  • Empowering your mum’s & 5 steps to implementing pelvic floor health into your business
  • Workout examples of how to incorporate pelvic floor safety into your workouts
  • Interviews with other pelvic floor experts
Pregnant Woman Doing Home Workout
Pregnant woman do exercises sit on fitness ball training in living room at home.-min

Virtual Summit: What Fitness Professionals Need to Know About Training Women: Level 2 (10CECs): Multi Speakers (Clare Hozack, Nardia Norman, Mish Wright, Mary Bacon)

What you’ll learn:

  • Training Women like women
  • Pelvic floor muscles through pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes and exercise
  • The Fit Pro’s Guide To PCOS – Understanding PCOS, how it effects women and what you can do to help
  • Exercise While Pregnant: Trimester by trimester programming for healthy pregnancy with
  • Panel Discussion
  • Workout Ideas

Female Health + Performance Mini Course (4CECs): Nardia Norman

What you’ll learn:

  • How to stay in scope when working with women
  • Know how and where to refer if something is out of scope
  • Understand the 3 pillars of female performance
  • Understanding of the female sex hormone estrogen
  • Understanding of the menstrual cycle affects a woman’s training
  • Understanding how to program around a woman’s menstrual cycle
  • Understand the key considerations when programming exercise for women in general

Offer the Best Female Fitness Training

Women have fitness challenges that require specialised knowledge. Our online CEC courses equip you for that job.

All our courses are recognised by Physical Activity Australia, Fitness Australia, FitRec and REPs New Zealand. Once you complete the courses, you’ll provide the latest and most effective bootcamp, kettlebell, and pre- and post-natal training techniques.

Our package options also help you fulfil your annual or bi-annual registration requirements. Browse our courses.
Fitness Education Online AU - Women Training 2
Fitness Education Online AU - Outside Workout 2

Develop Your Professional Skills

You’ll receive CEC Courses facilitated by experienced, world-class personal trainers, who have years of experience in women’s health. Our training courses cover a wide range of female fitness goals, from pregnant and post-natal fitness to the wellness of women over 50.

The CEC packages come with several self-paced courses, so you can take as long as you need to complete. You have the flexibility to fit it into your schedule. Courses are 100% online, and you have lifetime access to all the coursework. Even if you’ve completed the courses, you can log back in and refresh.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Training

Our CEC packages are the most convenient way to expand your professional skill set. There’s a course for every niche, so whether you’re expanding your clientele or updating your knowledge base, you’ll be able to stay on top of your field.

Our courses are updated at least once a year to incorporate new developments in female fitness in Australia. You’ll help your clients train smarter with the latest techniques.

We also ensure an exciting experience while completing the course. The CECs are fun and challenging. Once you’ve finished, the CECs and completion certificate will be delivered within three business days.
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It’s all well and good to know all the different exercises BUT as a Trainer, we want to be able to program these exercises together in a fun, safe and effective way. For this reason, we provide a wide range of workouts, drills and games you can do with these two pieces of equipment in both one one and group / bootcamp settings.
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