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October 17, 2017
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Hi guys! It's Jono here today. On Monday's blog I was telling you about how to structure your Bootcamp which is very important... BUT... that's only going to take you so far! Once you've got your Bootcamp structured (e.g. 6 sessions a week for 12 weeks) - you then need to plan your workouts so you've got something different to do every session! Now i used to get super stressed coming up with different workouts every day... So i came up with a system...

12 Week Challenge at 6 workouts a week = 72 workouts... Too much work for me..
I thought a better system would be to come up with 6 weeks worth of workouts (36 workouts) and then repeat them the second 6 weeks... I figured
a) Participants may enjoy doing the same workout 6 weeks later - it's far enough away so that it's not boring... but it's close enough so that they can try "improve their time"
b) Chances are 6 weeks later... I may have changed my style slightly... Changed the warm up... Changed the finisher etc etc
c) Chances are no way are exactly the same ppl at the exact same session 6 weeks later (plus i'll do it on a different day)

36 Workouts still seemed like a lot for me... So i thought.. I'l box a couple times a week (i've already got like 20-30 boxing workouts) so all really need is 4 Bootcamp Workouts a week (24 over the 12 weeks)! So i came up with these 24 workouts

"AMRAP, Accumulator, Bootcamp Circuit, Super Circuit, Partner Circuit, Tabata, HIIT 1, HIIT 2, Matrix, 12 cones, 100 club, Stair Session, Beach Session, Hill Session, TRAP, Games, Celebrity Body, Phone Number 1, Phone Number 2, 54321, Arm Day, Leg Day, Ab Day, 10 to 1" ..

24 completely different workout styles... I no longer needed to plan any sessions... I would just pick up one the session plans... Over view it... Change things around a little bit if needs be and away i go... The other advantage to having this was i knew every workout inside out! I knew how long it would take... Where people would struggle... How to make it easier, harder, more enjoyable etc etc...

The other advantage was that I realized - the only bits of equipment I needed were
- Kettlebells (1:5 ratio) e.g. 20 people = 4 Kettlebells
- TRX (1:5 ratio) e.g. 20 people = 4 TRX's
- Battlerope (1:10 ratio) e.g. 20 people = 2 Battleropes

There is so much variety with Kettlebells and TRX's and they cover the whole body.. That that's all you need! Participants wouldn't get bored using the same equipment because there were so many different exercises you could use with them!

So what's important is that
a) You've got enough workouts to last about 6 weeks without repeating
b) You're trained in the appropriate equipment

If you're not trained in the above equipment, I strongly recommend doing our Bootcamp Specialist Program! We cover in detail Kettlebells, Suspension Training and Battleropes and also touch on Resistance Bands, Medballs and Powerbags! PLUS you get all the Bootcamp. Check it out here.

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